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Did you meet the love of your life? Work With Me

Work with me and share your love story. It is great to let the world know that there is happiness in this world through love. We would love to hear your story and share it with our readers.


Get A Happy Date was built with a commitment to make the world of online dating easier for people who are looking to find the love of their lives. We would like the world to know that there are success stories out there and online dating is not just for those looking for hook-ups. While we do not really condemn their actions, Get A Happy Date aims to help those who are looking for a serious relationship online.

If you are a blogger with a related niche, it is a pleasure to collaborate. You can write guest posts related to online dating, relationship, and blogging. Helping out bloggers, especially new ones is a pleasure. Please make sure to have a well-researched, and evergreen content to share with our readers. If you also want to have a guest post from this site, you may contact us here.

Advertisers are welcome here as long as your product is related to dating and relationships. Rest assured that we will provide the best outreach for your brand.  We are currently getting more than 9000 views a month and the numbers are still growing. Pinterest is a strong medium for this niche and we are getting most of our traffic there. We can provide a custom advertisement to meet your needs.

I have attached here a media kit for you to take a look.


Get A Happy Date Media Kit



For collaborations and advertisements, please send us a message here to have your story published as a guest post, or you can email us at



Please be detailed as possible.

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