Are Paid Online Dating Sites Better Than Free Dating Sites?


Within the past couple of years, the online dating industry boomed. Singles are presented with a lot of options to find a successful online date. Aside from regular websites, applications were created to get in line with the smartphone hype. To top it all off, some companies offer free services that make it even easier for people to have a successful online date. Since there are free websites, why do people still need to pay for online dating, and why should you?


Reasons Why Are Paid Online Dating Sites Better Than Free Sites


High Competition


Singles dating over 40 will find it hard to meet someone online because of the high competition. While paying for the services will not give anyone a hundred percent guarantee, there is an edge if you sign up for a paid dating site specifically designed for people like you. You surely don’t want to be a part of a dating site where most of the members are young, looking for young singles, and only base everything on the first picture that appears on their screen.


Freedom to optimize your profile


Dating sites specialized for 40+ singles are normally paid. Some sites give options to members to sign up for free but with limitations. For example, you can only message a certain number of people or you can only respond to messages but you cannot initiate one. If you are a man, that’s basically just like just putting your picture there on display without expecting progress because women normally wait for men to message them first. Some women want to message first but they cannot do so if they have a free account.


Option to hide your profile

Some people do not want to receive messages and would rather initiate the conversation. Paid dating sites allow this feature. It is convenient if you do not want to read messages from members of dating sites.


If you are going to pay, how are you going to maximize that payment for a successful online date?


Take advantage of the free trial


Look for sites that offer free trials. Most sites offer a 30-day free trial. That should be long enough for you to decide if it’s worth the money and if you are lucky, you might even meet someone before your free trial ends. Make sure to have a reminder set to cancel before the trial ends if you don’t like the dating site. There have been a lot of disputes about people forgetting to cancel a free subscription.


Choose A Dating Site That Is Designed For Your Target Demographics


I once encountered a girl who asked, “Why are there only old people on this dating site?” The reason behind this was that she signed up for a mature dating site whereas she was looking for younger singles. If you want serious dating, always make sure to read the about page of the dating site before signing up.


Optimize your profile


Learn how to make your profile stand out. You can check this guide on how to create a magnetic dating profile that will get you a successful online date. Good quality pictures will grab people’s attention so you should make sure to have photos taken with a high-resolution camera. Once you’re set up, learn how to successfully get a response and avoid generic messages. Make sure to read their profile and make a personalized message to get them to agree to an offline date. Online dating is only a start. It should not rip you off by staying online without getting an offline date.

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  1. Thank you so much! a very practical article; could not make it without ya!

  2. Jake Stanton says:

    I have several friends and family members who have had great success with online dating. This is a great list for people who have no idea how to online date. Love the last one!

  3. Nice and beautiful article, but i never done online dating

  4. Haha I am old fashion I guess 😀 I have never been o any online dating sites but have friends that met via dating site and are happily married 😀

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