How I Make Money As A Beginner Blogger Through Affiliate Marketing


Make Money As A Beginner Blogger


Serious blogging requires expenses. I have seen sob stories on forums and groups about bloggers who quit or failed because there is no budget to support their passion. To keep this blog running, I have partnered with companies as an affiliate. I have chosen sites that add value to 40+ online dating. As a new blogger, I have discovered that choosing right affiliate programs has a great impact on the overall blogging and user experience.

I have been rejected by several companies. That is understandable because I am new. There is nothing personal about it. Most require that you have a certain number of views although they do not directly disclose it. As my blog grows every day, I am exploring new avenues that will bring more value and revenue to Get A Happy Date


How I Make Money As A Beginner Blogger Through These Affiliate Programs - the best dating site for inter-generational lovers! – the best dating site for inter-generational lovers!

I have chosen as the main affiliate program for this blog. They do not require a lot of things to approve you as an affiliate. All you need is to make effort to earn from their ad. Their website is not only easy for affiliates but also for members of their dating site. I am making sure that the company I work with is in line with my vision – to help 40+ singles to find their love online and is a user-friendly online dating site that makes it perfect for my blog. One thing that I like about their site is that they give dating advice and safety tips upfront.

They have various options to suit your preference. They have Older Men Dating Younger Women and also Older Women Dating Younger Men to start with. Click here to become one of their affiliates.




The highest earning that I got so far is from Aliexpress. Aliexpress is very easy to apply and is famous in Asia. They offer higher commission than other companies and I am very excited about this.

I get most of my gift ideas from this site for your date. Their products are mostly cheaper than other shops so it is easy to advertise. They also have dynamic ads. What it does is it allows you to show products that are based on your website’s content and your visitors’ browsing behavior on

They have a mobile application where you can save in your shopping through mobile-only promotions. You have all the things you need on this site. Currently, they only have bank account option for the payment so you must put your bank account information for you to withdraw.


ShopStyle Collective

I love this platform because it is very easy to post affiliate links on Pinterest. Pinterest is my favorite platform and ShopStyle has an option to pin directly from their website. They do not have a referral program and I would really love for them to have one. It might take a while for you to have your first payout as they require a minimum of $100.

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