Fail-Proof Guide For Your Online Dating Profile Pictures



Nobody would want to date someone who has a mugshot as his profile picture.

Your online dating profile should start with a magnetic picture. When someone scrolls through thousands of profiles, your profile picture is the first thing that comes up and if it is not appealing enough, you will not get a second look.

Putting your best photo does not mean that you are trying to pretend to be someone else. You don’t have to have an extensive editing to the point of being unrecognizable when you meet, rather, you want to be pleasing to the eyes online. has listed girls photoshopping themselves as a major turn-off in their cringe-worthy photo mistakes article. So, how are you exactly going to attract someone online using your picture? I have listed comprehensive steps here to hook someone on an online dating site.

Online Dating Profile Pictures For Him


According to, 38% of girls prefer “nice guys” on a survey conducted last July 1, 2016, while only 15% prefer “bad guys.” That is especially true for guys over 40. In the same survey, the online dating population is composed 52.4 % men and 47.6 % women so there is truth to men having a difficult time finding a date online than women.

Women want to see men who are confident, cool, and happy among others. A man’s pose is different than a woman to attract attention. For a 40+ single man, women are normally looking for one more thing: an established person financially and in life in general.


Profile Picture


a man's dating photoYou have two options for a good profile picture: portrait and a photo in action.
Your main photo should accentuate your face. Save the shots taken from afar for additional photos. Most online dating sites will give you additional space for other pictures aside from the profile picture. If you want to go with the photo in action, make sure that the picture does not hide your face. Don’t leave women guessing on what you look like.

Portraits can be a little tricky as you have to make sure you are doing the correct pose for your body build. For big guys, move a little farther from the camera for you to look smaller. Do the opposite if you are thin. For big guys, shoot at a higher angle, with the camera slightly higher than your body but not too much that it would look like you are aiming for a cute girly look.

Tilt your head a little to the right and do not lean back. Smile. That is the best asset for your head but please, do not overdo it that we can almost see your throat. Make a welcoming smile.
Shoulders should look wide. It should portray strength for your woman. To do this, pull your shoulders back in a relaxed manner. It should be like a shoulder to lean on for women. Avoid slouching.

Consider a warm light for better results. There is a saying that all of us look beautiful under a warm light. Bright light, if not too bright can be pulled off by some but I would not recommend for those who have skin irregularities.


Additional Pictures

You can add more pictures for online dating sites that allow more than one photo which most dating sites do. For additional pictures, upload photos which are taken while you are in action. Those pictures should go hand in hand with what you wrote in your introduction. If you said that you love cars, upload a photo with you driving.

Do not upload similar photos. It is a turn-off when you have five photos taken in your office wearing the same clothes. Just bear in mind to avoid negative photos. People know that you are there to find a date. You might be lonely but don’t put a sulky face. You will gain a date by being positive rather than looking like a burden to someone.



Her Online Dating Profile Pictures’s research shows that 42% of guys on an online dating site prefer the “modern career girl” type. When you know what the opposite sex wants, it is easier for you to get their attention. Most women already know this but if you are new to online dating, have a checklist before putting your photos.


Profile Picture

a woman's dating photoPut on some makeup. Most people condemn girls for putting makeup but in the online dating world, it is important. Makeup helps most women become confident. The end goal is not to hide your true self but to boost your confidence.Don’t put a picture that looks like you were just finished crying or just woke up. You need to portray strength when you are dating over 40. You don’t want to send a signal that you are dependent. Men will run away.

Fix your hair. Avoid putting your hair on both shoulders as it will look messy. You may put a little bit of hair in front and the rest will be on your back. It looks natural and will not cover your face. If you have a bigger face, you can let your hair hang loose on both sides to cover a portion of your face to make it smaller make sure it looks neat. Hide the flab under your chin by putting your chin a little forward.

Avoid leaning your head backward because it will accentuate the flab.
If your profile picture includes your waist, raise your arms a little farther from your body. This will create a slimmer picture of your arms. You can put your hands on your hips to make it better and turn your shoulders a little forward. For curvy women, it would help if you have something that will cover a little part of your body, for example standing near a flower that covers half of your waist.



Additional Photos


Most women enjoy taking pictures of themselves. Put those favorite photos in additional photos section but avoid uploading the same photo several times. Those selfies are good to put in there. It would be better if you can put photos about your passion and consider those tips under the profile picture.

If you think that you cannot make a good quality picture, hire a professional, at least for the profile picture. If you cannot afford, or simply don’t want to spend money, ask a friend to take a shot for you. You can take multiple shots as well and then ask their opinion which one would be the best. It is good to have another pair of eyes see it before your potential date sees it. If you are not confident of showing it to your friends, send a message through this page. We will be happy to help.

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