Offline Dating Safety Tips: The Ultimate Guide To Online Dating


Congratulations! You finally met someone in a dating over 40 website. You have talked a lot about each other and are ready to meet offline. It can be nerve-wracking. Is it going to be okay? Is he or she 10 years older than the picture? Is it safe to meet? How can I have a romantic over 40 dating experience the best?

There are two main things that you need to consider when meeting your date for the first time; your safety and the success of your romantic journey. Unlike in the dating over 40 websites, you need to do an extra mile to make sure that you will have succeeding dates after that. Before you head out, gather as much information as you can about your match so as not to make a wrong choice of your location and jeopardize your safety.


Be Romantic


Romantic Tulips Flower



  • Suggest a romantic ambiance

A romantic place for dating over 40 is a good way to start if you are looking for a long-term partner. Lighting is very important to set the mood. Candles and flowers are perfect too. Research for restaurants that are specifically designed for lovers. If the weather is good, a romantic place by the beach is a good start.


  • Always consider food as part of your date

Food will give comfort to both of you. You don’t want to just stare at each other if you run out of something to say.  You should ask what the other person’s favorite before the date.

  • Dress Nicely

This is going to be your first meeting and you need to look attractive. Dress nicely but not extravagant. It is okay to show a little skin but not too much as to imply that you are desperate for sex. It is part of dating but do not rush like teenagers.

  • Talk casually

Do not be too serious. You are not going to have an interview. Make the conversation flow as natural as possible. Remember how you talked to each other when you were just dating online.

  • Be honest

If you decided that you don’t want to have a second date, tell him or her honestly. He might be your type online but that changed when you met. If he looks too old for you, do not simply blurt out, “Why are you so old?” Just treasure that single date if that is the first and last.



 Offline Dating Safety Tips


  • Tell at least one person that you’re going out there

This reminder has been told several times but still, a lot of people do not listen. Why? Some people are simply shy to tell their close friends that they are dating online. They think that other people will think that they are not good enough to ask for a date offline. It is better to be safe than sorry. Keep your phone open and try to update them as much as possible with your location.


  • Choose a populated area

Opt for a place where you can attract some attention if your date is planning to do harm. There are instances that your date will ask you to go in a hotel in the first meeting. Just don’t. You will have no guarantee of your safety.


  • Keep your food and drinks in check

Do not drink too much. A lot can happen if you are drunk. Keep an eye as well on your food. Make sure that there is no sleeping pills or drugs put in it. Be vigilant.


  • Be prepared to leave

When your gut is telling you that you are in danger, do not prolong. Go away as soon as possible. Be alert to call for help if you are not feeling well.



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