Valentine's Day


Valentine’s day is coming and I asked my husband recently about our plan. He told me that I’m not getting any chocolates. When I asked him why he said that because I am living in Korea.

We are a couple from two different countries and we respect each other’s culture. This will be my first Valentine’s in Korea and I was expecting it to be really romantic. Blame Korean drama for being so cheesy. I was a little disappointed at first but I have to understand the culture. One rule in our relationship is that we will follow each other’s culture based on where we are. That is basic even for other people who are just visiting a place, but it is a little harder than normal if you need to stay in a foreign place for a long time.


Valentine’s Day in Korea is different from other countries.


Women give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day but they don’t receive chocolates in return. Unfair eh? Well, not entirely. A month after that, March 14 to be exact, men give candy to women and it is known as the White Day. Why wait? I’m not quite sure why they have to postpone for a month just to reciprocate a woman’s love and I have not received any answer either except from the fact that it is engrained in their culture.

When my husband was single, her sister used to send her chocolates. She did not want him to feel alone so every Valentine’s, she would send a package to him. Singles actually have their own special day. Every April 14, (talk about celebrations) single people gather together and eat black food. It is called Black Day so you don’t really need to worry if you are single. You just have to wait for the right date.

Dates are still common during February 14 as it is in other parts of the world. If you’re not getting any chocolate, no need to get sulky, just ask your partner to go to the movies or shop. My husband, being an understanding man that he is, offered for us to go to a movie on that date.






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