Five Things That Mature Women Don’t Want To Hear On A Dating Site


  • Nce Boobs. wna chat?

Learn how to spell. Sure, it is a dating site but erroneous messages will land you nowhere if you are attracted to women of wisdom. It might work for teenagers but for god’s sake, install a spell checker before you send your message if you are not used to double-checking your writing. Nobody’s perfect. But sending a text-like message shows that you did not bother to put an effort. It is a known fact that some people online send the same message to multiple women. Most likely, you will not receive a response as it is something that mature women don’t want to hear on a dating site.

There are tons of spell checker tools online that can help you. A Word application can catch most of the spelling mistakes. Grammarly is also a big help. It catches wrong word usage aside from spelling mistakes for free.


  • I am really proud of my private body parts and I know that you will miss half of your life if you don’t see it. 
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Seriously? Messages containing private body parts are common from men but women are not exempted. There are even instances where the first message is their proudest moment of displaying their glory. It is a big turn-off for women.


Sis things that mature women don't want to hear from you on a dating site. See what most men say to women that are getting them rejected in online dating.
  • I like your hair but your boobs are too small for me.

Being a perfectionist is sometimes synonymous to an asshole on a dating site. Just stop messaging a woman if you think she is not good enough for you. It will hurt their ego. Most women want to be complimented. It is just like in real life. If the bad side is a deal-breaker, simply tell her that you think she is not what you are looking for and wish a good luck. That is simply being kind.

  • Your boring life.

Women generally want to hear about your personal life after a few messages. Examples are your likes and dislikes. However, they don’t want to know your every move. Reciprocate by asking them about their interests. Online dating is about giving and taking of information. You can be talking about politics if she is also interested in it. Nobody wants to listen to something that they are not interested in but you can be talking about something for hours if you are into it. The key is to check the other person how they feel about a certain subject.

  • Do you use photoshop for your pictures?

She might say, “Oh yes. It is very common nowadays.” Or you might see the popular “seen mode.” Sure, Photoshop is very handy nowadays. People feel the need to look good in their shots, more so when they are trying to find a romantic partner but asking that question is like a bomb in a woman’s ears. Photoshopped pictures are obvious. They have the perfect kind of look into them. It is not only women who do this but men also. You might want to stop wasting your time if you end up meeting someone who looks entirely different from their pictures online but you can prevent that by having a video call before the meet-up.


  • “I have a two sports cars and a mansion”

Great! You just invited scammers but even scammers might not buy that. Women love financial stability but bragging is another thing. Humble men attract successful women.