How To Get Your First YES On A Dating Over 40 Site


Dating Over 40 Site

How To Get Your First Yes




All right, you are finished with your dating over 40 profile. Everything looks neat. It was fully designed as a dating over 40 site front ad with good quality pictures and descriptions. You are now ready to talk. Should you wait for someone to click your profile and hit you up? Probably someone will do but don’t you think you should do something?

Approaching a prospective partner online is a science and an art. You cannot simply shoot messages blindly, and if you do, your messages will be seen without any reply. You have probably seen some rants online about how their online dating profile is not getting attention, how nobody responds to their messages, and how the online world is as difficult as the real world in finding a partner. Most of these people quit without getting successful dates or worse, they got a hard lesson: getting scammed.

You are aiming to be someone who will leave a testimony saying how great it was to try online dating. So how are you going to end your online dating journey happily? You have to follow certain guidelines to help you. Here are important things to keep in mind.


Selecting A Perfect Dating Match’s Profile


1. Should be online or have been online in the last 48 hours

People come and go on an online dating site. Some just open multiple accounts in different sites and then close others when they find one that suits them. To make sure that you will not waste time by waiting, message those who are online. If they respond right away, it is your chance. Those who have been online in the past 48 hours are worth a shot too but that would mean waiting for them to reply and turning on your notification.


2. Select a well-written profile

It doesn’t have to be a narrative. Just make sure that they at least bothered to write cohesive sentences. If you like foreigners, that should be an exception. Language is the key to a relationship and you will know how well a person communicates by their choice of words on their profile. This has a big impact in the long run.

3. Should have at least two pictures

This is very important as online dating sites are infested with fake profiles from scammers. More pictures mean that it is a more trusting profile. When a profile has a lot of pictures, it will make it easy for you to make sure that the profile owner and the person you will meet is one.


How to craft a perfect introduction that will get him or her to respond


1. Know his personality based on his profile.

If he mentioned about being a breadwinner, you can say, “Hi! I can see that you are a hardworking person. It is a pleasure meeting someone who is passionate about providing for his family like me.”

2. Don’t take the shortcut by sending spammy “hi”

There could be hundreds of hi’s and hello’s sent to this girl or guy every day on a dating over 40 site. There might be a chance that they will respond to you if you have created an optimized 40+ dating profile. If your profile is not interesting enough, your message will be left in the garbage can of spams.

3. Flattery is good but be unique

People upload their best photos on a dating over 40 site. If you find someone pretty, you really want to connect and let them know but don’t say, “You’re pretty.” Add something into it. Look at the other aspects of her profile to stand out from other “you’re pretty” messages. Say something like, “Your eyes are a gem.” If she also plays badminton, add “nd I can see that you are really an active person. I would like to see you play badminton.” Not only did you compliment physical beauty but also her passion.

4. Long message is intimidating

Don’t put all things that you want to say in your introduction. The purpose of it is to test the waters. It can be intimidating especially if you wrote all the things that you are good at. It will also be boring to the one who is reading it.

5. Proofread your message before sending

Make sure you have correct spelling and well-constructed sentences. People who are 40 years old and above are no longer a fan of text message type of conversation where there is no concept of capitalization. Make sure that your message will be read seriously by making a serious one.



All you need is love to be happy. Try online dating and get a happy date. Read tips here how to be successful. #love #dating #relationship #datingtips


How To Get Your First YES On A Dating Over 40 Site

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    I can see that these are very useful. Certainly the last one. But you would be surprised how many people of all ages appreciate someone who can actually construct a thought. Also, the people who write a long answer on a first message are frequently scammers. Sometimes they are not, but often length is a signal it’s a canned message sent to everyone.

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    I totally agree with you! I met my bf through online dating and we have been together for 7 years and counting

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