Why Do People Hide Their Online Dating Profiles?

Why Do People Have Hidden Dating Profiles? Online Dating Tips


When technology was not yet advanced, people send letters by mail as a way to communicate and know each other. Penpals were common then. They would wait for days, weeks, or months, depending on the distance just to hear from each other.

Newspapers also played a part in the dating history. An article by Susie Lee on HuffPost titled, The History of Online Dating From 1965 to Now showed that the first personal ad looking for a woman was published in 1965. What a clear way and wide audience to find a date!

Nowadays, it is very easy for singles to find potential partners through dating sites because of the internet. Some people hide their profiles though. You might be wondering what is the purpose of hidden dating profiles despite the fact that dating sites are supposed to be there to advertise that you are available when you are on it.

Do not assume all the time that those who are sending you messages with hidden dating profiles are cheating and does not want to get caught. Here are some of the common reasons why people hide their online dating profiles.



No Time To Manage Your Dating Profile? Hire A Virtual Assistant To Get A Date.

Dating Profile Virtual Assistant



A virtual assistant or VA is your personal assistant who works remotely. Their scope of work is limitless. Some VAs do data entry work for you if you are too busy to do it on your own, some manage your business social media account, and some may manage your schedule. It may be bizarre but VAs do manage your dating profiles too!

Jenny* has been working online through Upwork for about three years now but sadly, her long term contract ended last January. The competition was fierce. She needed money and she needed it soon so she applied for every job that she thought she qualified but there’s a limit on applications and she started losing hope. “I was thinking of just going back to an office job but I have kids. I can’t leave them at home because my husband is also working so I kept on looking for work in the platform.”


Signs That Your Would-Be Date Will Bail Out On Your Offline Date

Signs that your date will not show up


What if you meet someone online that you wanted to meet offline but then you suddenly lost interest or you discovered something that is a deal-breaker; would you tell that person to cancel the offline date or are you going to make an excuse? If you cancel the date straight forward, he or she might be disappointed but at least you cut the ties earlier rather than wasting time or hurting his or her feelings even more.

Some people from dating sites are afraid to say frankly that they don’t want to meet anymore to avoid disappointments. What they do not realize is that they make further damage when they lie. So how are you going to know if someone is not going to show up?